Monday, April 27, 2015


Broadway opening: October 29th, 1977 - Run: 233 performances

Directed by Martin Scorsese - Book by George Furth - Choreography by Ron Lewis - Orchestrations by Ralph Burns

Cast: Liza Minnelli (Michelle Craig), Barry Nelson, Roger Minami, Gayle Crofoot, Dany Buraczeski, Michael Leeds, Albert Stephenson, Carol Estey, Laurie Dawn Skinner

The plot: Michelle Craig is a faded film star on the comeback trail as a nightclub singer at Las Vegas’ Miramar Hotel. During her act she goes through her memories.

Awards: Tony for Best Actress (Liza Minnelli)

Awards Nominations: Tony for Best Actor (Barry Nelson), Score, Costumes, Lighting Designer, Choreography

Tracks: Shine It On - It's the Strangest Thing - Bobo's - Turning - Little Do They Know - Arthur in the Afternoon - The Money Tree - City Lights - There When I Need Him - Hot Enough for You? - My Own Space - Walking Papers 

Photos by Martha Swope / New York Public Library

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