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Broadway opening: April 24th, 1997 - Run: 76 performances

Directed by Scott Ellis - Book by David Thompson - Choreography by Susan Stroman - Orchestrations by Michael Gibson

Cast: Karen Ziemba (Rita Rancine), Gregory Harrison (Mick Hamilton), Daniel McDonald (Bill Kelly), Kristin Chenoweth (Precious), Debra Monk, Ronn Carroll, Jim Newman, Mary Illes, Rosa Curry, Sarah Solie Shannon

The plot: Atlantic City, 1933. A new dance marathon is ready to begin at the Steel Pier ballroom. Among the contestants there’s Rita Rancine, who is secretly married to Mick Hamilton, the ballroom Master of Ceremonies, who always make sure she wins; but all she wants is to return home. A pilot, Bill Kelly, arrives at the Steel Pier ballroom and asks Rita to be her partner, she says she already has one, but since this one doesn’t appear she takes him. As the marathon begins, Rita starts having feelings for Bill; at the same time Mick seems to be very interested in Precious, another contestant.        
A stunt wedding between Rita and Bill is arranged by Mick to keep the audiences entertained, but when he suspects that Rita has feelings for the boy he wants her to get rid of him after the wedding. But Bill gives life to her dreams and she decides to leave the marathon. Furious, Mick reminds her of everything he as done for her and how her act failed in Trenton, after a pilot got himself killed on a plane crash; suddenly, she realizes that Bill was that pilot.

Awards: Theatre World for Kristin Chenoweth and Daniel McDonald

Awards Nominations: Tony for Best Musical, Actor (Daniel McDonald) Actress (Karen Ziemba), Director, Choreography, Featured Actor (Joel Blum), Featured Actress (Debra Monk), Original Score, Book, Orchestrations, Scenic Design. Drama Desk for Outstanding Musical, Actor (Daniel McDonald), Actress (Karen Ziemba), Featured Actress (Debra Monk), Choreography, Direction, Orchestrations, Set Design and Music         

Tracks: Overture - Prelude - Willing to Ride - Everybody Dance - Second Chance - A Powerful Thing - Dance with Me - The Last Girl - The Shag - Everybody's Girl - Two Step - Wet - Harmonica Speciality - Lovebird - The Sprints - Entr'acte - Leave the World Behind - Somebody Older - Running in Place - Two Little Words - First You Dream - Steel Pier - Final Dance 

Photos by Joan Marcus

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