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Broadway opening: May 11th, 1965 - Run: 87 performances

Directed by George Abbott - Book by George Abbott & Robert Russell - Based on the Novel by Lester Atwell - Choreography by Lee Theodore - Orchestrations by Don Walker

Cast: Liza Minnelli (Flora), Bob Dishy (Harry), Cathryn Damon (Charlotte), Mary Louise Wilson, Dortha Duckworth, James Cresson

The plot: America, early 30s. Flora is a naïve young girl looking for a job during the Depression, one day she meets a boy, Harry, and because of her love for him joins the Communist Party. Meanwhile Flora gets a good job, but another member of the Party, the activist Charlotte, who’s interested in Harry, takes her revenge on Flora by leading her employer to discover that she’s a Communist. Flora is fired and don’t forgive Harry or the Party for what they did; she resigns her membership and refuses to marry Harry. Later her ex-employer calls her, it seems that someone called them and told what had happen and they want her back for the job. 
Awards: Tony for Best Actress (Liza Minnelli)

Tracks: Overture - Prologue/Unafraid - All I Need (Is One Good Break) - Not Every Day of the Week - Sign Here - The Flame - Palomino Pal - A Quiet Thing - Hello, Waves - Dear Love - Express Yourself - Knock Knock - Sing Happy - You Are You

Photos by Martha Swope / New York Public Library

On December 6th 1987 a revised production opened Off-Broadway.

Directed by Scott Ellis - New Book by David Thompson - Choreography by Susan Stroman - Starring: Veanne Cox (Flora), Peter Frechette (Harry), Lyn Greene (Charlotte), Eddie Korbach, Ray DeMattis, B. J. Jefferson, Maggy Gorrill, Dirk Lumbard, David Ossian

New Tracks: Street Song - The Kid Herself - Keepin' It Hot - Where Did Everybody Go? - The Joke 

Photos by Carol Rosegg

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